Granting Polish Citizenship

Polish citizenship can be obtained in many ways. We will omit the irrelevant for a foreigner to obtain Polish citizenship through the principle of ius sanguinis (based on birth from parents, at least one of which has Polish citizenship) or ius soli (birth or finding a child on Polish territory) focusing on obtaining Polish citizenship by giving or recognizing for a Polish citizen.
Polish citizenship is conferred by the President of the Republic of Poland, and most importantly, he is not limited in his constitutional competence by any conditions and may grant Polish citizenship to every foreigner. Therefore, such a motion should be justified, well justified in order to facilitate the decision of the President of the Republic of Poland. Such a process should be planned accordingly.
The second is the administrative procedure for recognition as a Polish citizen. A foreigner can be considered a Polish citizen based on various legal grounds contained in the Act of 2 April 2009. about Polish citizenship. This is a complicated process and a refusal should be expected in this case. If you come to us, we will conduct the entire process of applying for a Polish citizen.
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Polish citizenship

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