Do you stay in Poland legally?

The problem of illegal stay in Poland concerns many foreigners. Reasons for illegal stay in our country are:

  • void visa
  • illegally performed work
  • residence permit that expired
  • no financial means to keep up

As part of the Legal Residence Audit, we carefully check the history of the stay of foreigners in Poland and present a report in which we show whether a foreigner is legally or illegally staying in our country and when and what activities should be done to extend legal residence.
Determining the legality of stay in Poland is extremely important for the foreigner as well as the employing entrepreneur, because even the legal employment of a foreigner who illegally stays in Poland is subject to criminal liability.

Lawyers in Flavos can significantly reduce the burden of ensuring that your company is and remains in compliance with all immigration law requirements. As experts, we advise employers to fulfill their duties.


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