Learning Polish for children

Children are our future and we should care in particular for their proper development to the maximum extent possible for them to be acclimatized in a new society without pain. For a child, moving to another country is a huge stress, which is compounded by the language barrier. If for an adult the ignorance of the language of the country of residence is a huge problem, then imagine what the child must experience when he can not fully communicate with his peers?

Make it easier for you to start your first phase of stay in Poland by entrusting the process of teaching your language to specialists. We will prepare a curriculum for your child appropriate to his age and individual predispositions. Contact us today to give your child a better start in a new environment!


Our lessons are individually prepared for your level

Learning materials

Our students recive professionally prepared learning materials to learn Polish effectively

No time to waste!

We don't waste your time on things that you can do individually. Our program is designed to make you able to continue learning alone.

The Flavos offer is addressed both to entrepreneurs who want to employ foreigners, individuals who want to move to Poland and foreign companies.
The headquarters of Flavos is Legnica, but our lawyers travel all over Poland. Call and ask when we will be in your city.

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