Legal stay in Poland

Poland is a beautiful country and a good place to live. In addition to the rich history and open society, there are also favorable conditions for running a business. However, it should not be forgotten that every arrival to Poland should be supported by an appropriate title for legal stay. We will ignore the situations where the journey takes place on the basis of a visa or visa-free travel, and we will focus on temporary and permanent residence. Obtaining the last two titles is connected with the necessity of showing by the foreigner the documented reasons for which he wants to stay in Poland. Depending on these reasons, the legal basis will give you the opportunity to stay legally in Poland. It is worth contacting a lawyer before coming to Poland who will take care of the whole process of legalization of stay. Complicated procedures for obtaining a permit for permanent or temporary residence and disregarding the problem by foreigners is the main reason for refusing to stay in Poland and, in the event of not admitting the territory of Poland within the prescribed period – illegal stay (you can read more about the consequences of illegal residence here) .


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