Preparation for a permanent residence card

One of the elements of the proceedings for granting a permanent residence permit on the basis of Polish origin is a conversation to which a foreigner must appear in person in the appropriate Voivodship Office. It takes place in Polish and can last up to 60 minutes. The most frequent questions that may arise during this conversation concern the knowledge of history, geography and general knowledge about Poland.

If you have not had contact with Polish culture so far and you do not know much about Poland except that “grandfather was Polish”, then going to a permanent residence conversation reduces your chances for a positive consideration of the application almost to zero. Their Polish origin is demonstrated by their knowledge of the Polish culture of speech and tradition. Lack of this knowledge is the basis for refusal to grant a permanent residence permit.

Reporting to us in good time, you have the opportunity to prepare yourself for this crucial in the process of legalizing your stay. Through a series of multimedia presentations, based on the questions that fall in the office, we will bring you closer to the history, geography and culture of Poland. The course consists of five 60 minute lessons, after which you will go to a meeting with an official with a calm head.


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